User Experience Designer

Hello! I am Ahmed Baig, a Bangalore-based designer, currently working full time as an Interaction Designer at Nokia. At Nokia, I solve challenges presented in large enterprise applications used in complex environments for day to day telecommunication operations.

Apart from my day job, I run Design Day, a not for profit community that aims at creating a platform for designers at all levels of expertise across domains, to share and learn from each other.

With a background in Computer Science & Engineering, a finishing school in User Experience & Design, a natural inclination towards solving complexities and curiosity about human behaviour, I am currently exploring possible solutions to multiple problem statements.

When I am not busy with either of the above, I take up interesting freelance assignments, mentor design enthusiasts, work on my passion projects, sometimes write or dabble in illustration & photography.

It's nice of you to drop by. If you'd like to talk about an interesting design challenge or if you might be interested in collaborating with Design Day, drop me a line on and I'd be sure to get back to you promptly.

Till then... Stay awesome!